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Based on 200 reviews

Loved the eggplant flavor just delicious

Love IT!

Wow what a great tasting balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I will definitely continue to purchase.

Pasta Sunday!

The sauce was excellent! Very flavorful. Can’t wait to try the others. Larry.

This was a gift for my daughter with a toddler so I will check w her to see if he likes it!

Delicious Sauce

Just wonderful flavors!

Thank you!

Thank you for providing great imported cooking products along with exceptional customer service!

So delishous!

I really wasn’t expecting this sauce to taste that good. The blend of seasonings was surprisingly tasteful.

Perfect Gift

I'm so excited that I received this gift set that contains 6 premium olive oils and vinegars. Not only is this a beautiful gift set, with gorgeous packaging, the flavors of these European oils and vinegars really stand out in flavor. It's a perfect gift for a foodie!


I received this gift box to review and it's absolutely gorgeous. If you love to cook, this is the olive set that you want!

Dalmatia Orange Fig Jam is so good!

I found this jam originally at Marshall's but once I tasted it I had to have more. It is very sweet but the combination of flavor is glorious. It is fabulous with goat cheese on seeded crackers with cranberry and pumpkin seeds. Great afternoon snack when you're in a slump.

Cheese - Comte Reserve 18M
Brenda Hildebrecht

excellent flavor.

Pastificio Mandala Pasta Sauce Variety 6 Pack


Shipping was a bit expensive but it was packaged so well! I look forward to trying these products and ordering more

Didn't even know it was fish

This was like in a restaurant, the way the tuna was mixed into the sauce was really good

These olives are good

Normally not a fan but these green olives were delicious!

Delicious over a slice of red snapper

Got as a gift over Christmas, didn't even bother with pasta, sauce was light and healthy with a citrus flavor, really good!

Thought my wife made it from scratch, that good!

Got home late from work, was eating some leftover pasta for dinner and thought my wife had made it, didn't realize it was out of a jar.

Surprisingly good

Not a huge fan of jar sauces, but this was actually a nice sauce. Label says made in small batches in Sicily, guess that's why.

Love the thick olive pieces!

Just wish I could buy this close to home instead of ordering online

Thick, southern Italian style sauce

it's great in lasagna or over spaghetti

AMAZING flavor and low in calories

This is a MUST for any pasta served with seafood, I tried with some shrimp and it was scrumptious

Nice cheese sauce

Got this as a gift from my daughter, didn't know Grana is like Parmesan cheese, good flavor!

Really nice truffle flavor!

Cooked a filet of fish in it on low heat. Wow, the mushrooms were a great touch, was like something in a reastaurant.

Wow, Carbone seems watery in comparison!

Got this as a gift, I normally buy Carbone at Whole Foods but this was so much better.