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  • Italian Pasta & Sauce Board 10 Pack
  • Italian Pasta & Sauce Board 10 Pack
  • Italian Pasta & Sauce Board 10 Pack

Italian Pasta & Sauce Board 10 Pack

Chef's Mandala is thrilled to present this exceptional marriage of Pastificio dei Campi pasta and Pastificio Mandala sauces. The rich, culinary heritage of Italia is on display from the bronze-extruded pastas whose coarse surface was designed to allow delicious sauces to cling to them to the unique, flavorful sauces that explode with taste in every bite. Try the very best that southern Italy has to offer!
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Collection Contains

Bucatini: Named after the Italian word "buco," meaning "hole," this remarkable cut boasts long, hollow strands of pasta. Its hollow center allows for an exquisite balance of sauce and pasta in every bite.
Fettucce: With its name derived from the Italian word "fettuccia," meaning "little ribbons," this exceptional cut showcases flat, ribbon-like strands. Expertly crafted with durum wheat semolina, Fettucce offers a velvety texture that gently embraces sauces.
Black Truffle Sauce: Born in the shadows of oak and hazelnut trees, these prized Italian truffles add a delicate yet luxurious touch to your pasta. Infusing your dish with the elusive fifth savory flavor, "umami," this sauce takes your taste buds on an extraordinary journey.
Eggplant Parmesan Sauce: Luscious purple and black Sicilian eggplants are grilled and then sprinkled with cave-aged Parmesan Reggiano cheese. Sautéed in white wine and blended with onion, garlic, oregano, and red pepper flakes, this sauce brings a burst of authentic Italian flavors to your pasta.
Lemon & Basil Sauce: Crafted using Sicily's renowned lemons and vibrant red cherry tomatoes, this sauce strikes a perfect balance between tartness and sweetness. A dash of basil adds a sophisticated twist, creating a bright and refreshing flavor profile.
Grana Padano Cheese Sauce: This velvety sauce features creamy, raw milk Grana Padano cheese, aged to perfection in Italian caves. Combined with luscious Sicilian tomatoes, local herbs, and extra virgin olive oil, this sauce offers a nutty, indulgent experience.
Tuna & Olive Sauce: Our premium tuna, sourced from the pristine waters of Sicily, is gently cooked with cherry tomatoes, white wine, caper buds, green olives, and a touch of lemon zest.
Sicilian Olive Sauce: Harvested from ancient olive trees, these buttery Castelvertrano olives are the heart and soul of this sauce. Combined with Italian tomatoes, caper flower buds, and a hint of red pepper, this sauce delivers a delightful balance of flavors with a touch of heat.
Marinara: Our sauce uses Sicilian cherry tomatoes famous for their ability to sip underground sea water; making them even sweeter.
Creamy Vodka: The 1980s in Italy were a time when models danced the night away in discotheques (with occasional breaks to snack on tiny bowls of pasta)! It’s there that this intoxicated marriage of ripe tomatoes, dry vodka and luscious cream was born. Northerners love dairy, southerners love tomatoes and normally never the two shall meet. But add a shot of vodka and you have this blasphemously delicious sauce!

Additional Details & Storage Information

DIMENSIONS: (H x W x L) 32 x 24 x 24 inches
Ingredient(s): See each product page for the individual ingredient breakdown.
Storage Tips: Keep these ingredients in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. Refrigerate the sauces after opening.

Flavors & Uses

With such a wide range of flavors, sun-dried tomatoes are never a bad option as they partially re-hydrate in the sauce giving a semi-dried flavor.

The Taste of Sicily

Each chef-created recipe is made with only 100% Italian vine-ripened tomatoes, local herbs, spices, and Sicilian extra virgin olive oil.


Made with real ingredients you can pronounce with little or no sugar


Our sauces are made on the island of Sicily with only Italian tomatoes!


Tomatoes are the first ingredient in our thick, flavorful sauces

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