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  • L'Olèologie Olive Oil & Vinegar Variety 6 Pack (Large)
  • L'Olèologie Olive Oil & Vinegar Variety 6 Pack (Large)
  • L'Olèologie Olive Oil & Vinegar Variety 6 Pack (Large)
  • L'Olèologie Olive Oil & Vinegar Variety 6 Pack (Large)
  • L'Olèologie Olive Oil & Vinegar Variety 6 Pack (Large)
  • L'Olèologie Olive Oil & Vinegar Variety 6 Pack (Large)
  • L'Olèologie Olive Oil & Vinegar Variety 6 Pack (Large)
  • L'Olèologie Olive Oil & Vinegar Variety 6 Pack (Large)

L'Olèologie Olive Oil & Vinegar Variety 6 Pack (Large)

Embark on a culinary odyssey with the L’Olèologie Olive Oil & Vinegar Variety 6 Pack – a harmonious blend of carefully selected Mediterranean flavors presented in an elegant gift box suitable for any occasion. Immerse yourself in the rich culinary legacies of Italy and Spain as you unveil the treasures nestled within this thoughtfully curated collection. Each bottle, expertly chosen for its exceptional quality, guarantees an unrivaled taste experience that transcends the ordinary. From the sun-drenched landscapes of Calabria to the mountainous terrains of Rioja, this 6 Pack encapsulates the very essence of premium olive oils and vinegars.

Discover the pinnacle of olive oils and vinegars with L’Olèologie – a fusion of quality, authenticity, and Mediterranean excellence embodied in each carefully selected bottle. Don't miss the chance to gift a sublime taste of culinary mastery to the discerning food enthusiast in your life.
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Product Details

L’Olèologie Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend (Calabria):
Crafted in the breathtaking region of Calabria, southern Italy, this blend combines Carolea, Nocellara, and Ottobratica olives to create a truly exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Harvested from old olive trees amidst diverse landscapes, this small-batch blend is a limited edition that sells out quickly.

L’Olèologie Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend (Rioja):
From the mountains of Rioja, Spain, emerges a blend that harmonizes classic Spanish olives like Arbequina and Picual with rare local varietals such as Royuela and Redondilla. With both bitter and fruity notes, this robust oil is perfect for finishing dishes or dipping a baguette.

L’Olèologie Italian Black Truffle Olive Oil (250 ML):
Immerse yourself in sophistication with this aromatic Black Truffle Olive Oil. Enriched with real black truffles, this oil promises a unique and authentic taste experience. Embrace luxury with every drop and elevate your dishes to a new level of culinary refinement.

L’Olèologie Italian White Truffle Olive Oil (250 ML):
Experience the stunningly sophisticated flavor and aroma of White Truffle Olive Oil. Made with all-natural ingredients and real black truffle, this oil stands out from synthetic alternatives. Revel in the richness of genuine truffle essence as you enhance your culinary creations.

L’Olèologie Dark Italian Balsamic Vinegar (3 YR):
From Modena, Italy, comes a dark and luscious Balsamic Vinegar made from Trebbiano grapes. Barrel-aged for several years, this vinegar boasts a quality that sets it apart. Beware of imitations – L'OLÈOLOGIE ensures a true balsamic experience, free from low-quality substitutes.

L’Olèologie Rioja Spanish Barrel Vinegar (5 YR):
Made from the world-famous Rioja wines of Spain, this Barrel Vinegar is a testament to the country's winemaking prowess. Crafted from Tempranillo grapes, aged in oak barrels for five years, and transformed into a luscious vinegar, this bottle brings the essence of Rioja to your culinary adventures.

ORIGIN: Italy & Spain
DIMENSIONS: (H x W x L) 24 x 17 x 4.5 inches
ITEM WEIGHT: 14,3 lbs

Ingredients & Storage Tips

Ingredients: See individual products for ingredient lists.
Storage Tips: Keep these tasty oils in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight until opened then refrigerate.

Flavors & Uses

Experience the culinary best in olive oil and vinegar that Spain and Italy have to offer!

Why L ' Oléologie?

Our name is inspired by Oleologists, the title given to olive oil experts. And like oleologists who value craftsmanship, our exclusive oils are sourced from small producers known for their high quality. Due to the variability of crop sizes, these oils are available only in limited quantities.

Unique Selection

Produced in Italy & Spain

Release your inner gourmet

Us Versus Them

L'Olèologie Other Brands
Artisanal Yes No
Small Batch Yes No
Hand Picked Yes No

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Perfect Gift

I'm so excited that I received this gift set that contains 6 premium olive oils and vinegars. Not only is this a beautiful gift set, with gorgeous packaging, the flavors of these European oils and vinegars really stand out in flavor. It's a perfect gift for a foodie!


I received this gift box to review and it's absolutely gorgeous. If you love to cook, this is the olive set that you want!

Best Gift Set I've Ordered

This box was so nice to receive. The truffle oils are my favorite, but everything tasted delicious! Everyone in my family loves these for cooking and dipping.

A gift everyone loved

This is such an awesome unique gift set. The olive oils are incredibly delicious & flavorful. I tried to save it for dressing and dipping because it’s so good but it went fast. I’m normally not a huge fan of wine vinegar, but this vinegar has such depth vs what’s in the grocery store. My family loved all of it.

James McCloskey
Fantastic products , beautifully presented!

I gave these as a gift for a colleague and another set for us to have at home. Lovely products at an incredible value. Will definitely send again!

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