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  • Death by Truffle Gift Set
  • Death by Truffle Gift Set
  • Death by Truffle Gift Set
  • Death by Truffle Gift Set

Death by Truffle Gift Set

Introducing the Death By Truffle Gift Set – a lavish ensemble featuring L’Olèologie's Black and White Truffle Oils, Apiology Italian Black Truffle Honey, and Pastificio Mandala Black Truffle Pasta Sauce. Immerse yourself in the indulgent symphony of flavors, curated to elevate your culinary journey to new heights.

L’Olèologie's Black and White Truffle Oils, with their unparalleled sophistication, join forces with Apiology Italian Black Truffle Honey, creating a seductive harmony of earthy, musky truffle notes and the golden sweetness of pure honey. Each spoonful is a delightful dance of sweet and savory, transforming your cheese pairings and charcuterie boards into a gourmet masterpiece.

Completing the ensemble is Pastificio Mandala Black Truffle Pasta Sauce, a culinary masterpiece born from the shadows of oak and hazelnut trees. Infused with the essence of Italian truffles, the world's most expensive tubers, this pasta sauce brings the rare 5th savory flavor of "umami" to your table. Immerse yourself in the grand yet delicate flavors of truffles, turning your ordinary pasta dish into a luxurious feast.

With the Death By Truffle Gift Set, savor the opulence of authentic truffle indulgence. Elevate your culinary creations and embark on a gastronomic adventure that defines the pinnacle of gourmet excellence.
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Collection Contains

Apiology Italian Black Truffle Honey: Indulge in the seductive symphony of flavors with this harmonious marriage of nature's finest treasures. Picture the earthy, musky aroma of black truffles dancing gracefully with the golden sweetness of pure, luscious honey.

Pastificio Mandala Black Truffle Pasta Sauce: Raised in the shadows of oak and hazelnut trees, these subterranean fungi add a level of haute cuisine to your table. Grand yet delicate, these Italian truffles infuse the rare 5th savory flavor of “umami” into your now delicious dish of pasta!

L’Olèologie Italian Black Truffle Olive Oil: Experience the luxurious flavor and aroma of our Italian Black Truffle Olive Oil. Unlike many truffle oils on the market, we use all-natural ingredients to create this exquisite oil. The result is a stunningly sophisticated flavor profile that truly sets it apart.

L’Olèologie Italian White Truffle Olive Oil: Immerse yourself in the delicate yet distinctive flavors of our Italian White Truffle Olive Oil. Crafted using all-natural ingredients, this oil embodies elegance and refinement.

Ingredients & Additional Information

Ingredient(s):See individual product pages for ingredients.
Storage Tips: All items are shelf stable before and after opening except for the pasta sauce. Refrigerate sauce after opening.
Out of Stocks: Any items that are temporarily out of stock will be substituted with an item of similar value.

Flavors & Uses

Truffle Oils Drizzle over any just cooked protein (chicken, pork, fish, etc) and serve! Also works well mixed in recipes where normal olive oil is used

Truffle Honey Tastes amazing when drizzled over a blue or washed rind cheese as a part of a cheese board at your next party! Or brush some over as a glaze when cooking chicken, or even drizzle some over delicious fresh fruits or gelato before serving!

Truffle Sauce: This goes well with any dish, pasta, protein or otherwise!

Customer Reviews

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I love this truffle pack! I got it for Mother's Day and all the ingredients are so delicious. Everything is great on it's own and combined with my other recipes.

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