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  • L'Olèologie - White Italian Balsamic Vinegar (3 Yr) 250ml
  • L'Olèologie - White Italian Balsamic Vinegar (3 Yr) 250ml
  • L'Olèologie - White Italian Balsamic Vinegar (3 Yr) 250ml

L'Olèologie - White Italian Balsamic Vinegar (3 Yr) 250ml

$14.99 $17.99
L’Olèologie's traditional balsamic vinegar is barrel aged in Modena, Italy. While all balsamics are made from Trebbiano grapes, white balsamic vinegar removes the grape skins to produce a beautiful, rose colored vinegar. Unlike the more well known Orleans method used with French vinegars, Italian balsamics out of Modena use a rotating system of barrel aging. The result is a deliciously balanced balsamic vinegar rich in flavor with notes of cherry, fig and chocolate.
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Product Details

DIMENSIONS: (H x W x L) 7.25 x 2.25 x 2.25 inches
ITEM WEIGHT: 1.9 lbs
UPC: 851304008915

Ingredients & Storage Tips

Ingredients: Concentrated grape must 80%, wine vinegar (contains sulfites).
Storage Tips: Keep this tasty vinegar in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight until opened then refrigerate.

Flavors & Uses

Makes for an amazing salad dressing drizzle some over a delicious pork chop, steak or other protein just before serving.

Why L ' Oléologie?

Our name is inspired by Oleologists, the title given to olive oil experts. And like oleologists who value craftsmanship, our exclusive oils are sourced from small producers known for their high quality. Due to the variability of crop sizes, these oils are available only in limited quantities.

Cook like a high-end chef

Produced in Italy

Release your inner gourmet

Us Versus Them

L'Olèologie Other Brands
Artisanal Yes No
Barrel Aged Yes No
Hand Picked Yes No

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ramin Ganeshram
This product blows regular balsamic away

White balsamic may be a little unusual to some folks and I've found that the versions available in most grocery stores aren't particularly good. This one however is truly perfection. From the consistency which is just thick enough to cling nicely when poured to the lovely champagne like color to the well-rounded, slightly sweet taste with just the right amount of acid, this is easily the best white balsamic I've ever had. I put it on salads, plain sliced tomatoes, even on grilled meats. It's beautiful on strawberries! Plus, the price is extremely reasonable for such a high quality product.

Robert Martin
Use it for a lot more then salad dressing

I recently tried this vinegar and was impressed. Its has both a delicate sweetness and crisp tanginess. Was a perfect complemented to the summer salad I was making; I even used it as a glaze for grilled vegetables with a bit of olive oil. It's become a staple in my kitchen!

Elena Martinez
Really addictive

It's thicker then any other vinegar I've bought at the store. Initially I was surprised when it said it was balsamic, but the color is almost pink. It has a sweet but not too strong flavor to it. I use this all the time now in recipes and will even drizzle a bit over a fatty fish before serving. Love it and now use it in place of the dark that I used to buy at Whole Foods!

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